· By Matt Walden


14 different cities across the East Coast of the US... Absolutely epic. We packed the van so full, grabbed a guitar + a camera and were off on a trip that would change our (myself and my videographer friend Ryan) lives forever! 

I can't thank the people who hosted us along the way enough. From letting us crash in your backyard with a tent, to even giving us rooms to stay in, to treating us like we were part of your family for the evening. These were some memories you can't make up and I am beyond blessed to have experienced. 

I remember one night in particular, Ryan and I had just put the van on a ferry boat in Connecticut to cross to Long Island and we had an issue with the airbnb we booked. So we cut our losses, and went to the show with the mentality that we would figure it out when we had to. After the show - The host Nicole + her Dad were gracious enough to say "instead of paying for a campground, why don't you just crash in our backyard?" and we did! In just the right amount of time too because it started pouring rain... Spoilers, we survived and slept great!

There's something about meeting the people who have supported you for so long online. It truly inspired me to come back home and keep creating...

Thank you for giving me purpose, thank you for listening to the music I create and watching the dad joke infested youtube videos we put out. I can't wait to go on tour again soon and make even more memories.

Love ya,