This page is dedicated to my first 100 incredible patrons. 


A giant thank you to them for their help keeping this dream alive and giving me the ability to create freely. It's something I never thought possible, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Aaron Dudley, Adam Scott, Amanda Courtney, Amanda Owens, Andy Roberts, Anne Snyder, Ashkat, Bay Chilla, Brioni Baldwin, Brittany Spencer, Brittany Still, CaitlIn Hurst, Carlyne Crawn, Cary Gaul, CJ, Chuck Kostalnick, Connor Capobianco, Cozynook, Dennis, David Ignacio, Doug Phillips, Elijah Magee, Emilia Lindahl, Emily Watt, Erika Hernandez, Florence Bailey, Gina Ahaesy, Heyohriver, JediFry, Jens Crosier, Jessi, Joey Kidney, John Ciocca, Josh, Justyna Surma, Karen Palmer, Katie Bateman, Kim Of Makeup, Lindsey Provost, Lisa (westonlesbianprotector), Lisa Dirks, Lucas Domingues Lima, Lyann Rivera, Madison Hall, Mark Goldsmith, Marla Koehne, Mattie2171, Melissa, Michelle, Natalie Williams, Natalie Deakin, Necia Potter, NeverHadOne, Nikki Marie, Oli Trainor, Pascal Ortsheid, Robert T Llewellyn, Ronald Ramey, Ryan Smith, Sabrina Duval, Sara Ann, Scotty Gaydos, Shelbee Silveira, Stephanie Herrera, Steven Cadman, Sven Carnas, Terrance Gibson, Tim Fagan, Tjapneus, Tony Brylski, Tum Chaturapruek, Ty, Victoria Ahaesy, Ximorsi.

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What is the Walden Crew Record Label?

- It's a Patreon page with a monthly subscription service for insights on demos, merch discounts, all content first as well as polaroids! Kind of like a "fan club" except, you get a say on the content I'm putting out... Just like a label would!


How can I join?

- Easy! I'm so glad you're interested. Click this link right HERE and you can read all about the tier differences and how to get involved! 


What if I can't do monthly?

- No problem at all. I get it. The beauty of Patreon is that you can cancel at any time with no strings or fees attached! Super easy and commitment free! Plus - if you ever have any issues, I'm only a message away. :)


Can I pledge more than what the tier says?

- Woah. I mean, yes you most definitely can... But - there is absolutely no pressure to do so! At check out it will ask you for your monthly patronage and you can adjust it however you like.


When will I receive my items in the mail?

- Great question. I try to send out things at the beginning of the month, but - sometimes with gigs and other opportunities, it can take a bit longer. I always update you guys on the page and expect it to get there within the month. :) 


Thank you so much. I really look forward to growing this community with you all! ♡